Santander Group-European Universities Network

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Ms. Wioletta Wegorowska

Executive Secretary
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+32 2 511 6620
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+32 2 502 9611
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The Santander Group – European Universities Network, composed of 35 institutions from 16 countries, aims at establishing academic, cultural and socio-economic ties between universities and their surrounding communities and encourages internationalisation of higher education. The SG contracted the EU AlBan Programme of high level scholarships for LA with an EU contribution of 83 million euro (2002-2010). The SG has its own mobility programmes for academic and administrative staff as well as the student placement programme. The SG Association participated in European projects (Socrates, Tempus, Leonardo da Vinci), and established six Unitwin Chairs in Latin America and four in Africa. With this experience the SG is highly capable of managing international projects. Through extended relations and recognition among higher education organisations, the SG can be a trusted partner for implementation, promotion, and dissemination of the present proposal.