Can I apply for more than one study / country?

Yes, you may apply up to 3 studies or countries. You can only submit one application: Please note that you do not need to fill in separate applications for them. You apply in priority order, i.e. your first submitted application will be regarded as your first choice, the second application the second choice and so on.

Note: You do not need to register several email accounts to apply to different universities or courses. Also note that you only have to upload required documents once. Your uploaded documents are considered for all universities or courses you apply to. Therefore, if you wish to apply 3 times then you will upload your documents ONLY 1 time!!!

We will not register more than 3 options for you, and please be reminded that the final decision will be made by the Consortium which one of your options will be used, since we expect to get more applications than we have positions. Any attempt to influence the chances of being accepted by applying more than once (through e.g. different email addresses) will be considered as fraud. The applications will consequently be removed.