Thematic Fields of Study

All six thematic fields of interest below are represented at one of the partner universities. The medium of instruction is English at all partner universities, which means that applicants will not face a language barrier within the consortium countries. To cover some Francophone countries and as an added value, applicants have the option to apply for programmes or courses in French at the University of Buea (Cameroon) if they wish to.

Below is a list of the six broad thematic  fields:

  • Agricultural Sciences (Agriculture)
    01.1 Agriculture
    01.2 Agricultural Economics
    01.3 Food Science and Technology
    01.4 Horticulture
    01.5 Fisheries
    01.6 Forestry
    01.7 Animal Husbandry
    01.9 Others – Agricultural Sciences
  • Education, Teacher Training (Management and Education)
    05.1 Teacher Training
    05.6 Special Education
    05.7 Educational Science, Comparative Education
    05.9 Others – Education, Teacher Training
  • Engineering, Technology (Engineering)
    06.1 Mechanical Engineering
    06.2 Electrical Engineering
    06.3 Chemical Engineering
    06.4 Civil Engineering
    06.5 Electronic Engineering, Telecommunications
    06.7 Materials Sciences
    06.9 Others – Engineering, Technology
  • Medical Sciences (Medicine)
    12.1 Medicine
    12.2 Psychiatry and Clinical Psychology
    12.4 Veterinary Medicine
    12.5 Pharmacy
    12.6 Nursing, Midwifery, Physiotherapy
    12.7 Public Health
    12.9 Others – Medical Sciences
  • Natural Sciences (Science and technology subjects)
    13.1 Biology
    13.2 Physics
    13.3 Chemistry
    13.4 Microbiology
    13.5 Nuclear and High Energy Physics
    13.6 Biochemistry
    13.7 Astronomy, Astrophysics
    13.9 Others – Natural Sciences
  • Communication and Information Sciences (ICT)
    15.9 Others - Communication and Information Sciences

The blocks below show which HEIs offer MSc and PhD programmes in these fields. Click here for more details.