Masters Application Procedure

Only applicable to nationals and/or residents of African Countries (See Mobility Description for further details)

Step 1: Application

  1. Registration on application database-website
  2. Upload required information
  3. Closing application- This is a crucial and necessary step for your application to be considered in the programme.

Step 2: Selection

Following closure of the call, a selection process will commence and the results will be then communicated to all applicants. The criteria for selection is as specified in the application database.

Step 3: Award

Selected candidates will be notified accordingly and will be issued an acceptance letter from their University of choice, which will be followed by the mobility scholarship award.

Necessary Documents

The applicant shall fill in the fields of the online application form and upload the following documents:

1. CV with information on academic, professional and other education, and picture.
Please use this template
Please name the file: "[family name]_[forename]CV.doc" (e.g. smith_jennaCV.doc)

2. Official transcripts of previous degrees  in English.
Please scan the transcripts and upload them as a PDF file. Maximum size: 500 KB
Please name the file: "[family name]_[forename]TRANS.pdf" (e.g. smith_jennaTRANS.pdf)

3. Motivation Letter
In the letter of motivation applicants are expected to explain why they are interested in the programme and the value addition in the field to the home country. Please use this template.
Please upload the letter of motivation as a PDF file. Maximum size: 500 KB.
Please name the file: "[family name]_[forename]MOT.pdf" (e.g. smith_jennaMOT.pdf)

4. English Proficiency
A certificate of English proficiency
  in case the applicant's native language is not English.
Applicants who have attended, for a period of at least 6 months, university courses held in English do not need to submit the certificate.

Accepted certificates include:

  •  Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English: Grades A, B
  •  Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English: Grades A, B, C
  •  IELTS (academic module): minimum score of 6.5
  •  TOEFL (International, not institutional) computer based: minimum score of 230
  •  TOEFL (International, not institutional) internet based: minimum score 90
  •  TOEFL (International, not institutional) paper based: minimum score of 500

Please note that expired certificates can be accepted as well if they are not expired for more than 3 years.
Please scan the certificate and upload it as a PDF file. Maximum size: 500 KB
Please name the file: "[family name]_[forename]ENG.pdf" (e.g. smith_jennaENG.pdf)

5. Relevant academic work, if available (at most two papers).
Please note that we need the paper itself, and not just a link.
Please upload them as PDF files. Maximum total size: 1000 KB
Please name the file: "[family name]_[forename]AW1.pdf" and "[family name]_[forename]AW2.pdf] (e.g. smith_jennaAW1.pdf and smith_jennaAW2.pdf)

6. Reference letters
It is very important that you respect the following rules:

  • Reference letters must be in PDF format and in one single file which should be named "[family name]_[forename]" of the applicant. The name of the applicant should be also specified in the object of the e-mail.
  • Please note that we can’t accept more than 2 reference letters. If we receive more we will consider the first 2.
  • Reference letters should be received not later than the date of the application deadline.

The following reference letter template must be used.

Note that Universities might require additional documents for specific fields. Follow instructions given within additional information section of the application database.

Important! Please note that the duration on the application system refers to the duration of the course and not that of the Mobility Scholarship. These are different, depending on the mobility scholarship awarded to you. In other words, you might be awarded a mobility scholarship that is shorter than the course duration. (For example- the course might be for 24 months, but you could only be awarded a mobility scholarship for 9 months for a part time study).