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The Namibia Qualifications Authority (NQA) is a statutory body established by the Namibia Qualifications Authority Act No 29 of 1996; committed to the promotion of quality education and training in Namibia through the development and management of a comprehensive and flexible National Qualifications Framework (NQF). The NQA assists the development of Namibia through putting in place systems that allow all people to develop to their fullest potential without being hindered by unnecessary obstacles and barriers. The NQA promotes quality through the accreditation of education and training providers in Namibia and their courses. One of the NQA’s main tasks is to examine foreign qualification documents and confirm the legality, validity and credibility of the qualification document submitted and the qualification to which the document refers. This process is aimed at assisting the recognition of qualifications by other bodies for the purpose of academic, career and/or professional placement of the qualification holder.

Role of the organisation in the project

The NQA plays crucial role in evaluating and recognition of credits between countries. One of the objectives is to initiate development of consistent credit recognition and transfer systems benchmarked on the Bologna system. The NQA has links to counterpart organisations in some of the partner countries (Ghana, Tanzania and South Africa). Within the INTRA-ACP mobility scheme, these relationships need further development to compare and discuss the challenges of international credit recognition and compatibility of academic achievements. The NQA acts as advisor and supplies information on credit transfer and qualifications evaluation throughout the project. It presents to the SC and the PB at the inception meeting in Windhoek the process of foreign qualification evaluation. It links the sister institutions from Ghana, South Africa and Tanzania and facilitate a formal process of credit recognition and translation between the partner universities. In addition NQA facilitates orientation of staff on different qualification frameworks including the status of the SADC and African quality assurance in education.